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Hula Dancer Golf Headcover

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  • Fits 460cc Drivers- Traditional and Geometric.
  • Special anchoring system that insures a secure fit on your Driver.
  • Soft, quality, sherpa lining, specifically tailored to protect clubs from damage.
  • Highly articulated with sharp embroidered details.
  • Made using only the finest custom-milled fabrics, in exciting colors and materials.
  • Cover attachments (characters’ eyes, noses and accessories) are
    securely fastened to withstand golf cart motion and inclement weather.
  • Surface Washable.

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Hula Dancer Golf Headcover

Hula Dancer Golf Headcover

Hula Dancer Golf Headcover is 460cc friendly. It has a special anchoring system for a secure fit and soft lining to protect from nicks and scratches.

Hula Dance has its historical origins as a ritual dance to the Volcano goddess Pele. When Christian missionaries arrived in Hawaii and converted the people to Christianity, the Queen had the temples and goddess images destroyed and the Hula was banned as it was deemed a pagan ritual dance. The moves were found vulgar and disgusting by the missionaries.

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Dimensions 12 x 4 x 4 in

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