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Deer Golf Headcover

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Daphne’s Headcover Deer Golf Headcover

The deer golf headcover has a plush interior to protect your clubs from scratches and nicks. The elastic neck keeps the cover securely fastened.

In modern English the male is called a buck and the female is termed a doe.

The terms vary with dialect and the size of the species. For many larger deer the male is termed a stag. Larger deer the same words are used as for cattle as bull and cow.

The large deer species in North America concentrates in the Canadian Rocky Mountain and Columbia Mountain regions between Alberta and British Columbia. North American deer species of white tailed deer caribou, elk, and moose can be found.

Deer weigh between 70 to 700 lb. The smallest species, the northern pudu, averages 20 lb.

The moose is the largest with an average weight of 1,000 lb. They’re made for rugged woodland terrain with their comact bodies and long strong legs. Deer are also excellent jumpers and swimmers. Deer are cud-chewers, and have a four-chambered stomach. Deer teeth are adapted to feeding on vegetation. They do not have upper front teeth. On the upper front jaw deer have a tough pad.

Nearly all deer have a facial gland in front of each eye. The gland contains a strongly scented pheromone, used to mark its territory. A wide range of bucks open these glands wide when angry or excited. All deer have a liver without a gallbladder. Deer also have a tapetum lucidum which gives them sufficiently good night vision.

ll male deer have antlers. Sometimes a female has a small stub. The only female deer with antlers are reindeer (caribou).


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